Janet Herman, Lasting Voices owner, interviewer and project manager, has a Ph.D. in Folkore from UCLA with training in oral history, narrative, field work and ethnomusicology. In addition to conducting life history interviews in California, for the last decade she has been a research advisor and lead writer for the Music of Bhutan Research Centre based in Thimphu, Bhutan, helping to document elder master musicians.

Other past projects have included the Musical Lives exhibits, which she initiated to showcase the life histories of senior musicians residing in Santa Cruz County, CA; life history interviews with legendary Scottish-Canadian violinists Buddy MacMaster and Theresa MacLellan for the Archives at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; retrospective interviews with elder shape-note singers in northeast Alabama for the CD/booklet In Sweetest Union Join; volunteer interview work with the Legacy Oral History Program of the San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum and "My Greatest Adventure in Life: 10-Minute True Life Tales from Downtown Seniors," a public listening project in collaboration with sound artist Lisa Noble.

Formerly an interviewer for seniors seeking social services, Dr. Herman has conducted hundreds of interviews in many settings, and her warm manner sets everyone at ease. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and two sons.